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Welcome to ISC!

Welcome to the International Schools Campus! ISC aspires to be a first class educational institution, by establishing a reputation for excellence.

ISC aims to enrich its students of multicultural backgrounds in all aspects, carefully considering the physical, conceptual, emotional and spiritual domains. ISC encourages the voice, passions and aptitudes of its students.

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The International Schools Campus ISC first opened its doors in September 2006. The unique and global style of the school has proven popular and attractive to a wide variety of families in the area. Today, our enrollment comprises approximately 3000 students divided upon 2 Schools, Egypt British International School - EBIS & CONCORDIA - Lycée International Français en Egypte

The International Schools Campus ISC aims to provide a broadly based and tailored British Education for students from Nursery to Year 12. Delivered by sparkling teachers and staff, our curriculum represents the very best of current practice in the United Kingdom with an international perspective appropriate to our Students' culture and heritage.

The diversity of the student body is not only respected but cherished and celebrated. The International Schools Campus ISC also provides a broadly based and tailored French Education for students from Maternelle to Lyce’e. The school curriculum equivalents the academic program laid out by the French Ministry of National Education and used in French schools throughout the world.

At the Lyce’e the curriculum is enhanced by the essential elements that prepare the students to pass the French baccalaureate while upholding their own cultural and individual roots.

The students are educated by Qualified Teachers, certified by the French National Education. The French specialists, practicing differentiated instruction to adapt Education to the needs of every student. At ISC mastering and grasping the three languages French, English and Arabic are essential to meet with the expectations and challenges of the real world.

Moreover The French system offers a very rich culture and a curriculum based on logic, critical thinking and reasoning.

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ISC aspires to be an outstanding educational foundation by embracing the following Values:


At ISC we are applying international standards of best practice to all aspects of learning, tailoring the curriculum to meet the individual needs of each unique child, to enrich their academic and social development.


As Life Long Learners, students will be empowered to develop their skills and confidence to become successful individuals in their pursuit of knowledge.


We acknowledge our liability to endorse the values of self-worth, respect and discipline. Our students are provided with the tools and opportunities that will enhance and develop their self-esteem and integrity.


We provide our students with the knowledge and skills needed to explore themselves and the world around. We empower our Teachers, Students and Staff Members with an environment where they are able to take pride and joy in everything they do.


Our students have experienced strong bonds of friendship and sense of belonging to the place where they have been taught to respect and appreciate their differences as well as their similarities.


Amr Abd El Halim


Letter from The President


Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Board Members,

     Welcome to the International School Campus communication medium created to facilitate our interactive-act over any possible opportunity or event. It is my pleasure and honor to hold the direction position of the ISC (International Schools Campus) with its two main structures in the educational field known as EBIS (Egypt British International School) and Concordia (Lycée International Français en Egypte) schools.

The ISC is a very well and reputable institution for students and parents that has built a strong bond between the school and the parents, that it must be always cared for and always in development.

Students on campus receive the best British and French educational systems, known world-wide as the most effective curriculum content that enables students to get exposed and acquire the proper way to knowledge, understanding and execution leading to a non-stop development and successful journey. Constant preparation to an active life involvement and participation is the key plan we envision as a target when setting it annually.

EBIS & Concordia, the main arms of ISC, always focus on an academic success in a progressive environment and nature. We place students at the heart of each decision, shaping educational policies and daily practices for their own best interests, leading them to Excellency in all applicable, yet flexible educational and behavioral forms.

We care to serve parents whom are looking for the brilliant education in a caring and supportive system for their own beloved ones. In all our activities, we are fortunate to receive great parental support. We raise a sense of community and understand that positive home-school links is the key to our constant success. We proudly celebrate our achievements but at the same time we are proactive and forward-looking to the space as the limits not the sky anymore.

Amr Abd El-Halim


Ahmed Kheiry

ISC Legal Representative

Amira R.A. Moussa

Vice President & ISC Educational Specialist

Amr Kamal El Din Amr

Board member in charge of ISC School Development & Concordia's Liaison with the French Ministry of Education / CFCC / AEFE/ Lycée Français

Ammer El Qarmalawi

Executive Board Member

Mohamed Abd El Moniem

Board member & ISC Logistics Executive

Abdel-Wahab Ragheb

Board member in charge of school development

Achraf Wahbi

Board Member


Amira Moussa

Vice President - Educational Consultant
The International Schools Campus ISC
Egypt British International School - EBIS.
CONCORDIA - Lycee International Francais en Egypte - LIFE.

Amira Moussa Triggers her Philosophy

Those who know me well are aware that I have Passion for Excellence in Education, Passion by being relentless in the pursuit of achieving distinction within our pupils.

I firmly believe that Education shapes the lives of individuals.Education empowers children; it affirms their voice. Education inspires students to practice their hearts and minds; it promotes their passion, it enables them to develop their personality, explore their talents, expand their abilities to the utmost & most significantly helps them value Diversity.

ISC is an outstanding example of excellent leadership encircling Vision and Performance. Our Crew has curved our little known School into a breathtaking display of the impossible made possible. ISC as a place is a great act of vision, initiative and charismatic leadership, one of pure imagination.

Our role is to inspire staff members to commit to trying new concepts, conveying advanced learning dimensions to our students. Across our schools we want our staff and students to have great experiences and strive to make a difference. At best, schools should be an emotional, vital, empire-building endeavor that elicits maximum human potential. Within this framework every member of the school society is permitted to do their absolute best and to learn about their own greatness. To achieve this we need to develop "a can" do culture where Leadership matters, vitality matters and everything matters. So let`s propel! We need to empower, challenge, and grow excellence in an environment where everyone is a Leader, where schools are great places to be and work.

Before signing off, I`d like to leave you with a favorite quote of mine,

"Passion for Excellence in Education"

I wish you all the best


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